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Intelligent eMobility

Pan EcoTech stands at the forefront of inventive sustainable transportation solutions, leveraging over a decade of proficiency in creating lightweight structures, energy-saving drivetrains, and eco-friendly vehicles through collaboration with esteemed partners in Europe.

Our vision is to achieve zero-emission urban transportation, and we possess a deep understanding of the intricate balance required among urban operations, cost-effectiveness, electrified drivetrains, lightweight designs, and pollution-free traffic to accomplish this goal.

The implementation of electric-powered transportation is attainable in the present day


Pan EcoTech buses deliver exceptional energy efficiency and unparalleled operational performance. Our buses are specifically designed for rigorous inner-city operations, providing high capacity, extensive daily mileage, and continuous service with the industry's quickest recharging intervals.


Electric buses present a sustainable approach to city bus transportation. The enhanced energy efficiency of Pan EcoTech buses reduces both energy consumption and recharging duration. Diminished charging requirements simplify the adoption of electric buses and lower overall costs!


Investing in electric buses is a long-term, sustainable commitment. To fully reap these benefits, Pan EcoTech offers unwavering partnership throughout the journey.

Pan EcoTech's cutting-edge innovations provide high-capacity buses that boast continuous operation and improved operational efficiency. Our buses maintain the same timetable and mileage as their diesel counterparts – or even surpass them. Enhance your city's appeal without compromising on operational efficiency.

Blue Smoke
Desert in Dark

Transportation contributes to noise and air pollution. By transitioning to Pan EcoTech's electric public transportation, you can create a quieter, emission-free, and cleaner urban environment. Allow us to assist you in taking the initial step toward a greener future today!

Pan EcoTech buses represent a sustainable investment, offering pollution-free transport and designed for extended operational lifespans.

Invest in your city's image and a sustainable future now! Provide residents and visitors with an eco-friendly, appealing alternative for public transportation. Make the choice for a brighter tomorrow, today!

Beneficial for the environment – advantageous for the populace

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Heavy Duty Conversion Kit

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Electrification of transport is one of the 
main solutions for reducing climate change! 

Transport is a major source of local emissions. Transition to emission-free transport in scale should be on the agenda of every country committing itself to fighting climate change. 
Our eMobility Platform accelerates the transition to emission-free mobility by providing smart EV solutions, with high performance and energy efficiency
Fleet conversion is a smart way to reduce emissions by changing combustion propulsion to electric propulsion. Conversion can be done at a local authorized workshop with minimum downtime and at an acceptable cost.

Key drivers for vehicle conversion:

  • Reducing emissions (CO2, NOx, dB)

  • Reducing OPEX (maintenance, fuel)

  • Reduce CAPEX (powertrain only vs complete new EV)

  • Extend life-time of existing ICE assets by conversion

The Solution

Vehicle conversion is replacing combustion engines with electric, emission-free powertrains.
What are the benefits? The benefit is an accelerated transition to emission-free operation by re-using existing fleets.
How is it done? We have designed a conversion kit fulfilling local requirements for performance and cost. The combustion engine powertrain is removed, and an electric conversion system is installed at the local workshop to minimize downtime.
What are the requirements? The vehicle to be converted has to be in adequate condition.
How long does it take?  The conversion kit is pre-assembled on frames for easy installation. Installation at an authorized workshop takes 2 days.

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